"Colleen - I can't even! I am laughing...i am crying...come on! I can't believe the shots that you got! You were EVERYWHERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean you even got the rings on the swing...my heart melted! There are so many MONEY shots...i just can't even explain how happy i am! THRILLED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Colleen...can i leave a review..or say somthing....somewhere? I mean...you are a MAGIC kind of human! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for perserving all these moments. xoxoxoxoxoo" Jessica Meiler

Welcome and thanks for finding our site.  Our photography strives to affirm the “good stuff” in life such as  beauty, intelligence, loving relationships, competence, and fun.

Our studio is located  on a few acres in San Lis Obispo, and our photography takes advantage not only it’s controlled space, but also  beautiful local beaches, ranches, and vineyards.  It would be our pleasure to fill your photography needs.  How can we help ? 😀

Kind Words from Big Fans