Colleen has been taking our family portraits for 25 years. She has been to all our graduations and special events ...... I can't imagine not having her there to photograph any meaningful event. She is fun, spontaneous and creative. Colleen is a gem! - Gina Wing

Family Portraits

“Hi Colleen, I have just been going through the images again – I know how close you are to the truth of each of us in this family when the sheer BEAUTY of each one’s soul is really evident in the photo. My tears bear witness to the reality of what you have been able to capture and reveal in an almost new way to our eyes – it is what we know in our hearts. The tenderness between Lisa and Amir… his sensitivity and his strength… and the JOY in my daughter is the greatest gift that you could ever have given me. Thank you Colleen and may you be blessed for many years to bring this degree of joy to those with whom you work. What a gift you have and how APPRECIATIVE I am that our paths have crossed.” Heather Mendel

To create photographs, which show, as Heather said above, “what we know in our hearts”, I first need to have a conversation with you about who is going to be photographed and what it is that brings a smile to your face when you think about them for the moment San Diego Family Photography help to some photos. We need to plan a session that will increase the odds of allowing that quality or relationship to surface naturally and be captured as a lifetime moment. And, I have not done my job until I help you figure out what you would like to do with the artwork once it is in hand.

I figured out a long time ago that prominently displaying photographs of those I love at home makes me happy. They remind me, on a daily basis, what it is that makes my life meaningful and rich.

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FAMILIES / $200 Session Fee


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