Colleen has been taking our family portraits for 25 years. She has been to all our graduations and special events ...... I can't imagine not having her there to photograph any meaningful event. She is fun, spontaneous and creative. Colleen is a gem! - Gina Wing

Family Portraits


I would love to be your family photographer in San Luis Obispo. In our lives we have a limited number of opportunities to capture, through photography, our most precious relationships. That being said, it is a minor miracle to assemble a family for a photography session, and you should make the most of it, and get exactly what you want. For example, one of my goals is to only take photographs with expressions that are believable, feel real and remind you of why you love your family members as much as you do.

Photographs which speak to your heart start with a conversation about who the individuals to be photographed are and what it is that the families would like to do with their artwork. Also during that conversation we decide location, activity and emotional tone of the appointment. The session itself should be fun and interactive. If you are not having a good time, then, game over, there is nothing to photograph.

I don’t think my job is done until I show you what we created, and what you can do with your family art. I figured out a long time ago that displaying  photos of those I love prominently in my home makes me happy. Those photographs reminds me, on a daily basis, what it is that makes my life meaningful and rich.

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